Anymas Debut

Anymas opening statement is a dedication to all humans.
This weeks featured artist is Anyma, from the Wendat Nation. Hailing from Wendake in Quebec, Anyma is a new face on the scene with her first EP, Humans. Born of a musician father (who was also a cultural chief of her village) and a dancer/choreographer mother, Anyma, expertly weaves the different aspects of her artistic upbringing in new and exciting ways. Her song, If God Had a Boat has already been streamed over 100k times and is a top 40 hit on the Indigenous Music Countdown. 

Anyma- Humans
Anyma- Home to You 
The Haluci Nation- Takarita (ft Rod Crow Hop)
Nimkish- Famous
Anyma- Even the Stars
Carsen Gray- Each Moment
Neon Dreams- Survive
Jayli Wolf- Lead Me
PJ Vegas- Shake
Blackbird- Mountains in the Afternoon