Bebe Buckskin's Captain Medicine

Recorded first album at a legendary studio ✅ Huge moves in 2022 ✅ Rockstar in the making ✅
Bebe Buckskin, Cree/Métis, currently resides in Calgary, Alberta but has big plans for 2022. After recording her debut album, Captain Medicine (2021) at a legendary recording studio in Alabama, she’s gearing up to take her soulful act on the road. Tune in to hear all about Bebe Buckskins journey thus far. Enjoy! 


01- Bebe Buckskin- Alley Cat
02- Bebe Buckskin- Swamp Shuffle
03- Shelley Morning Song- Quiet Place
04- Shawnee Kish- Got it Bad
05- Bebe Buckskin- With a Little Help From My Friends
06- Miesha and the Spanks- I Want Fire
07- Bebe Buckskin- Flight
08- Jayli Wolf- Child of the Government
09- The Halluci Nation- Remember 03 (ft STLNDRMS)