Crystal Shawandas Midnight Blues

A Rumpshaking, Walking with the Moon kind of cure for your Midnight Blues.
Crystal Shawanda, Wiikwemkoong First Nation, started her career as an award winning country musician. She had a hit on the US charts, won a Juno in Canada and was on a fast track for country superstardom before starting over as a blues artist. Now, based out of Nashville and 8 albums in, she’s had an equally impressive blues career with her husband/creative partner, Dewayne Strobel. This week, Crystal joins me to discuss her brand new album, Midnight Blues (September 30th) life on the road and plans for after the tour. Turn it up and sing along- Enjoy! 


01 Crystal Shawanda- Midnight Blues
02 Crystal Shawanda- Rumpshaker 
03 Irv Lyons Jr- You Knock Me Out (ft Melanie Khramer)
04 The North Sound- Wild Rose Country 
05 Crystal Shawanda- Take a Little Walk with the Moon
06 Marc Brown and the Blues Crew- Damn Right I Got the Blues
07 William Prince- The Spark 
08 Crystal Shawanda- Get it On/Come and Get Your Love
09 Emma Donovan- Don’t Give Up on Me
10 Jimmy Rushing- My Buckets Got a Hole in It