December Winds On Sacred Ground

Music can save lives. December Wind is living proof.
Atisaktonkie, Mohawk, has been recording as December Wind since 1999. They hit the ground running with their debut album, Sacred Voices. However, greater success and Atisaktonkie’s 2 Native American Music Awards came after disbanding the original lineup and refocusing the vision of the project. December Wind has recently released a couple of singles, including On Sacred Ground (ft Annie Humphrey) and Imma Big Boy (ft Keith Secola) and their upcoming full length album, Hoka, is produced by Secola as well. Tune in for a heartwarming conversation on the power of music as medicine. Enjoy! 

01- December Wind- On Sacred Ground (ft Annie Humphrey)
02- December Wind- 215
03- Raye Zaragoza- In the River
04- Sihasin- We the People
05- December Wind- Imma Big Boy! (ft Keith Secola)
06- Annie Humphrey- Fire Voices
07- War Bonnet- Ikwe
08- December Wind- Gentle Thunder
09- Asalia White- Be a Butterfly