Def-i & Ariano In the Mean Time

Wave your love like a gun in these mean times.
Def-i (Christopher Mike-Bidtah, Dine) and Ariano (SoCal) have been both making music for the last 2 decades. Together they form a duo that brings communities together, continues to make waves and shines a light on real issues. Their latest collection of catchy beats and rhymes, In the Mean Time, is an album guaranteed to make you sing along and provides a breath of fresh air during these turbulent times. In the Mean Time is their fourth collaboration and will soon be followed up by a remix of the album, set to be released on June 3rd. Join us for a conversation about the importance of music education, being intentional about pushing back against wave after wave of negativity and so much more. Enjoy! 

01 Def-i & Ariano- Changes
02 Def-i & Ariano- In the Meantime
03 Shon Denay- Go With the Flow (Ft Big Skoon)
04 Ruby Ibarra- Us 
05 Def-i & Ariano- Six Seasons
06 Joey Stylez- You Driving Me Crazy (Indian Girl) (Ft Northern Cree)
07 Travis Thompson- Any Minute Now
08 Def-i & Ariano- Woke Up Late (Ft Josh Dominguez)
09 Supaman- Alright (Ft Neenah)
10 DJ Shub- Warclub (Ft Snotty Nose Rez Kids)