Elexa Dawson's New Song(s)

Music is Medicine. Sustainable Agriculture is a must.
Elexa Dawson, Potawatomi, was born and raised in Oklahoma but moved to Kansas in 2006 and has been there ever since. She’s involved with a number of bands including Weda Skirts, and Heyleon; a band described as a “cross pollination of established musicians.” Nominated at this years Native American Music Awards, our conversation ranges from talking about these projects to a shared love of sustainable agriculture, and we also discuss Elexa’s solo music including her latest single, Mother (ft Stanley Hotel).  Enjoy!

01- Elexa Dawson- New Song
02- Heyleon- Let Me In
03- Cary Morin- Laid Back
04- Samantha Crain- Bloomsday
05- Elexa Dawson- Mother (Ft Stanley Hotel)
06- Donna Kay- Nobody But You
07- Bazille- Powwow Highway
08- Elexa Dawson- High Place
09- Johnny Cash- As Long as the Grass Shall Grow (Live at Madison Square Garden)
10- Ulali- Opening Ceremony