2023 Gaënö’ Gary Farmer 022023

Gary Farmer, Hayëntwas Hayasöh, Wolf Clan of the Cayuga Nation is an internationally acclaimed actor, musician and producer. You might recognize him from big screen classics like, Pow Wow Highway, Smoke Signals or Deadman. He’s also slated to return to Reservation Dogs as everybody’s favorite crazy uncle, Uncle Brownie. Currently he’s filming the next season of SciFi’s Resident Alien in Vancouver. This week Gary takes a few minutes to chat with me about his lifelong love of music and his latest album with the Troublemakers, Fool For Love (2022). Enjoy!  


01 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- Cadillacs Don’t Care 
02 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- Need a Gun
03 Cheri Maracle- 100 Cigarettes
04 Murray Porter- 1492- Who Found Who?
05 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- Nobody’s Reclamation
06 Brock Stonefish- Residential Redemption  
07 Levi Platero- Good Man
08 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- What You Gonna Do?
09 Derek Miller- God Don’t Ever Change
10 Pura Fe- Hiyo Stireh