Ghostkeeper's Multidimensional Culture

The bands new album is a fun psychedelic pop rock release
Shane Ghostkeeper, Metis, is an unlikely rockstar. He didn’t start playing music until later in life. He doesn’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of cover songs and he rarely tours.. But his sound is undeniable and what he does works extremely well.  Shane formed namesake band, Ghostkeeper, with his longtime partner Sarah Houle and released their first album, Saved By Radio in 2008. In this weeks Gaënö’, Shane joins me to talk about the bands latest album, Multidimensional Culture (May 2022). In the bands fifth release, Shane, Sarah and bandmates Ryan Bourne and Eric Hamelin deliver up a fun kaleidoscope of swirling psychedelic sounds so be sure to check out this latest edition of Gaënö’. Enjoy!


01 Ghostkeeper- This is How I Know You
02 Ghostkeeper- Doo Wop
03 Janel Munoa- Glowing Flowers
04 Iskwe and Tom Wilson- Long Way Down
05 Ghostkeeper- Summer Child
06 Cody Blackbird- Gold on the Ceiling
07 Nehiyawak- Somnambulist 
08 Ghostkeeper- The Indians
09 Digging Roots- Cut My Hair
10 Tanya Tagaq- Birth