JC Campbell- Lately

Back to his musical roots
Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, J.C. Campbell grew up in a musically diverse household. “Growing up with a father who sang the blues and a mother who loved classic soul and country, it seemed as if JC was predestined for a life making music.” While his first few albums had more of a traditional country vibe, his new album, Lately, has him creating songs that reflect his various musical influences. Produced by Marc Marilainen of Nadjiwan, his “old school recording approach and love of vintage gear is the foundation of the records warm sound.” Enjoy! 


01 JC Campbell- Walk in Love
02 JC Campbell- Lately
03 Phyllis Sinclair- Ghost Bones
04 Nadjiwan- Land of Skoden
05 JC Campbell- Sweet Soul Love
06 Mickie James- Great Minds
07 Nathan Cunningham- Undrunk
08 JC Campbell- Live in Today
09 Shane Yellowbird- I’m Not Wearing Boots Today
10 Brendt Thomas Diabo- My Baby Doll