Jir Anderson- Native Guitars Tour

The Native Guitars Tour continues to grow!
Jir Anderson, Cochiti Pueblo, has been making music for most of his life. In addition to being a talented singer songwriter and master bluesman, he’s also the founder of the Native Guitars Tour. What started as humble show in 2007, the NGT has grown into a full scale production, combining music and fashion for a weekend of world class entertainment. Today, we’ll be taking a listen to Jir’s 2016, The Pueblo and tracks from a few of the incredible performers at the 2022 Native Guitars Tour happening this week in Albuquerque. Enjoy!


01- The Jir Project Band- The Pueblo
02- Jir Anderson- Alright Tonight
03- Charli Lowry- Go Wild
04- Scotti Clifford and Spirits Cry- Cry For Vision
05- The Jir Project Band- Diamond Ring
06- Sage Bond- Remedy
07- One Way Sky- Humanity 
08- The Jir Project Band- Hummingbird
09- Keith Secola- Kokopelli Blues