Lets not forget to talk about decolonizing love too
Wanbli Ceya (Oglala Lakota) is a multi award winning artist who records as JUQ. They have not one, but two mixtapes nominated at this years Native American Music Awards (Nya & Yamni). JUQ, who openly lives a bisexual/polyamorous lifestyle strongly feels that discussions about decolonization shouldn’t be afraid to include the topics of love and sexuality.  So in celebration of Valentines Day, we’re going to do just that! Tune in for an insightful chat about JUQ’s nominated albums and their latest singles, Frybread Booty, Mere Den and Rock. 


01- JUQ- Nya
02- JUQ- * 
03- Mato- Scatterbrain (ft. Treehorse)
04- Rainbow Star- Rising Star
05- JUQ- My Hardworkin’ Big Ole NDN Country Boy… They’ll Never Be You
06- Once A Tree- Phoenix
07- Anachnid- Braids
08- JUQ- Frybread Booty
09- Supaman- Sunshine (Ft Melanie Rutherford)