Portals with Keith Secola

An insightful conversation with one of the most legendary Indigenous rockers.
Keith Secola (Ojibwe) is a gentleman and a scholar. He’s a 7 time Native American Music Award winning artist who’s twice performed at the Olympics. Keith’s music has provided the soundtrack for a PBS documentary (Homeland) and he’s collaborated with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead and John Densmore of the Doors. This week Brett sits down with Keith and they discuss his newest album, Portals, his upcoming collaboration with December Wind and NDN Karz, the Playing for Change edition. Enjoy!


01. Keith Secola- Portals
02. Keith Secola- Waves of Gitchi Gumi
03. Niska Napoleon- Timebomb
04. Brendt Thomas Diabo- Storms Come Rolling In
05. Keith Secola- Seeds
06. Elexa Dawson- Mother
07. Sunburnt Stone- 4 Korners
08. Keith Secola- Kokopelli Blues
09. Blackbird- Stormy Weather
10. Samantha Crain- It’s Simple