Leela Gilday- North Star Calling

Reclaiming Traditions as Radical Acts of Love
Leela Gilday, Dene, from the Northwest Territories of Canada creates music that’s as breathtaking as the landscape she’s clearly deeply connected to on her Juno winning album, North Star Calling. Released just in time for a world in desperate need of deep healing, the 10 songs on this album are a great companion to bring with you as you continue on your journey. In light of the 215 children found buried on the Kamloops Residential School grounds, we discuss intergenerational pain and trauma, reclaiming traditions as radical acts of love and so much more. 


01- Leela Gilday- Giants
02- Leela Gilday- K’eintah Natse Ju (North Star Calling)
03- GR Gritt- Quiet Years (Ancestors)
04- Jay Gilday- She Goes Out Running (The Choice and the Chase)
05- Leela Gilday- One Thing (North Star Calling)
06- Shelley Morningsong- Quiet Place (Simple Truth)
07- Christa Couture- Rebuild (The Safe Harbour)
08- Leela Gilday- Rolling Thunder (North Star Calling)
09- Sihasin- Scorched Earth (Never Surrender)