2023 Gaënö’ Marc Merilainen

Marc Merilainen (Ojibway, Finnish), has been the leader of the band Nadjiwan for the last 3 decades. Their latest album, The Great Sea was released in April (2023) and is already gaining traction in the scene. Additionally, he and his wife, Laura, have established a successful record label called Merilainen Music. Not just a record label, they also specialize as an artist incubator, help with artist management and place an emphasis on the need for musicians to be educated in the music industry. Over the last several months, a number of Gaënö’ guests have been Merilainen Music artists. This week, to commemorate the new album and the recent successes of the label, Marc joins me in a celebration of all things Merilainen Music. Enjoy!


01 Nadjiwan- Break to the West
02 Nadjiwan- Anymore
03 Sandy Scofield- George
04 Stoik- Awakening
05 Nadjiwan- Animikii
06 Berk Jodoin- That’s Love
07 1 Gram- Anybody Everybody
08 Nadijwan- Beautiful Darkness
09 JC Campbell- Walk in Love