Micki Free's Turquoise Blue

I don't even know where to start. Don't miss this chat with the one and only Micki Free
Micki Free’s life is the stuff of legends. As a young teenager, he saw Jimi Hendrix live and immediately knew what he wanted to do in life. Years later, after opening up for Kiss, Gene Simmons declared “you’re gonna be a star.” As a member of Shalamar he scored a Grammy with “Don’t Get Stopped in Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills Cop 1984), which led him to hanging out with Prince as described in a famous Chappelle Show skit. We talk about all this and so much more but I’ll be the first to admit… all that doesn’t even scratch the surface of Micki’s legendary life. Front and center of today’s conversation is his slamming new album, Turquoise Blue. Featuring guests like Gary Clark Jr, Cindy Blackman-Santana and Steve Stevens, Micki’s showing the world that he’s far from retiring. This may be his strongest work yet and it leaves me excited to see what’s next for Micki Free. Enjoy!




01- Mick Free- All Along the Watchtower 
02- Micki Free- World on Fire
03- Buffy Sainte Marie- War Racket (unplugged)
04- Redbone- Come and Get Your Love
05- Micki Free- Woman (ft Gary Clark Jr)
06- Crystal Shawanda- Church House Blues
07- Shalamar- Don’t Get Stopped in Beverly Hills
08- Kiss- 100,000 Years