Traveling the Cosmos with Nadjiwan's Space Rock Opera
Nadjiwan- Marc Merilainen (Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation) has been recording as Nadjiwan for the last 30 years. Never content with following any one formula, he’s always seeking to push his art into new and exciting realms. That philosophy has never been more apparent as it is on Nadjiwans latest album, Star Nation. Inspired by the traditional stories of star people he grew up hearing, and fueled by his love of science fiction and the Flash Gordon soundtrack, Star Nation is a space rock opera for the ages that is sure to entertain the entire family.  

01- Nadjiwan- Dark Forest Theory
02- Nadjiwan- Star Nation
03- STOIK- Werewolf (ft Aleah Belle)
04- R. Carlos Nakai Quartet- Unidentified Identity 
05- Nadjiwan- The Planets
06- Breakwater Band- Over the Winter 
07- Rosary Spence- I Fell in Love
08- Nadjiwan- The Spirits
09- Freightrain- Wake Up