Nakoa HeavyRunner Lie No More

Think Traditional Round Dance meets Beach Boy harmonies and you've got the smooth stylings of Nakoa HeavyRunner.
Nakoa HeavyRunner, Assiniboine/Blackfeet, from the Fort Belknap territory has been composing music since the age of 14. Since recording his first album in 2003, he’s recorded over 16 albums and his latest, Lie No More, holds a special place in his heart as it’s the first to feature his children. In addition to his work as a musician, Nakoa has also created the Rezkast Media Network. Tune in to hear our chat and enjoy tunes from Lie No More.  Enjoy!

01- Nakoa HeavyRunner- Lie No More (ft Darron HeavyRunner)
02- Nakoa HeavyRunner- Gramma Moon
03- Fawn Wood- Hopelessly Devoted to You
04- Bearhead Sisters- Come Dance With Me
05- Nakoa HeavyRunner- Love of My Life (ft Aphit Waupoose)
06- Pura Fe- Robin Dance
07- Jeremy Dutcher- Eqpahak
08- Gyassi Ross- Miss Lady- (Ft Nakoa HeavyRunner)
09- Bear Fox- Healing Song