Ombigiizi's Sewn Back Together

Ombigiizi raises the bar with their new album, Sewn Back Together.
Gaënö’ Ombigiizi 

Anishinaabe musicians, Adam Sturgeon and Daniel Monkman have already had tremendous solo success. Monkman with his band Zoon and Sturgeon with Status/Non Status. Together they form the Indigenous supergroup, Ombigiizi. In our chat we discuss indigenous futurisms, how they came to record their album, Sewn Back Together with Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene at the Tragically Hips recording studio, Bathouse and so much more. Enjoy.


01- Ombigiizi- Cherry Coke
02- Ombigiizi- Birch Bark Paper Trails
03- KeAloha- 2Lips
04- Ya Tseen- Back in Time (ft Qacung)
05- Zoon- Beached Waves
06- Status/Non Status- Find a Home
07- Leanne Betasamosake Simpson- I Pity the Country
08- Ombigiizi- Ogiin
09- The Zyg808- Yet Another 1