Paul Steward of Twice as Good

I'm "Placing My Bet" that this is one episode you don't wanna miss!
Paul Steward, Pomo, along with his father Rich, are fast approaching 20 years as the earth quakin’, booty shakin’, award winning blues band Twice as Good. In addition to discussing their latest album, Double Down, Paul joins me this week to discuss his new solo career, upcoming collaborations and the expansion of the Twice as Good name. Enjoy! 


01- Paul Steward- Thats Where You Are
02- Twice as Good- I’m Placing My Bet
03- Dalannah Gail Brown- Somebody’s Watching You
04- Tracy Lee Nelson- Khadijah
05- Paul Steward- Send My Baby Back
06- Jeremy Keyes Band- I Wanna Know
07- Jace Martin- Ghost
08- Paul Steward- Come on Girl
09- Ripcords- Thick as Thieves
10- Freddie Hughes- Every Night I See Your Lovely Face