Phyllis Sinclair and the Dancing Northern Lights

The Ancestors came and danced shortly after..
Through story and song, Phyllis Sinclair, Cree, has a gift for transporting the listener to a magical place. A place where there’s no separation between the land, culture, people.. the past and the present. You might remember the international headlines (November 4th) about the vibrant light show with the northern lights. That otherworldly display happened a few short hours after we discussed the significance of these lights to her people and now, thanks to Phyllis, my relationship of them will be forever changed as well. We’ll be listening to tracks from Phyllis’s latest album, Ghost Bones. Enjoy. 


Phyllis Sinclair- O Land
Phyllis Sinclair- The Manicure
Lyla June- 1000 Ancestors
Richard Inman- Redemption
Phyllis Sinclair- Ghost Bones
Lela Gilday- North Star Calling
Eden Fineday- White Tears
Phyllis Sinclair- Wawatay Eh Nimihitocik
December Wind- 215