Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I'm allowed to be my own featured artist, yeah? Thats totally a thing, isn't it? Anyway, just thought we'd get to know each other a little bit this week.

Early this last Sunday afternoon, I got into a really deep conversation with my wife, Jade, about various topics, but most of all, dreams, and the traditions born of them. After feeling energized from our talk, it hit me that I need to shake things up a little bit this week. I was starting to feel a little too predictable with the show, so I decided to take a detour... In part, as an exercise in fluidity, but also with a sudden feeling of needing to introduce myself to my new listeners..

When my home, and first radio station announced it was shutting down operations due to economic complications of the pandemic, within days of me finding out that Gaënö' was being picked up for syndication with Native Voice One (The Native American Radio Network) addition to having to learn the ins and outs of my new job with my home nation, not to mention all my familial responsibilities, With Gaënö' I quickly slipped into survival mode with a lot of conflicting feelings to sort through.  In essence, I just kept the ball rolling like I had been; I think as a way to retain some sense of normalcy and routine but also so I could allow myself the time I needed to make these life changes transition as smoothly as possible.. In essence, I slipped into survival mode... A couple of short months in, I started to no longer feel that connection with the spontaneous beauty of live radio, so in an effort to regain some of that magic, my originally planned show was put on hold for a week..  

After settling in with my new job as a Media specialist with the Seneca Nation, I felt compelled to break the mold a little bit and finally stretch out.. Long story short, I started to think of the fun I could be having with Gaënö'. With my deadline just a few hours away, I decided that before anything else, I need to at least introduce myself and that brings me to our listening today. I feel awkward saying I'm my own featured artist, so I'll just say that selections from my 2016, Bones of the Ghost are helping me to introduce myself to you. Also for your listening pleasure- tracks from Jeremy Keyes, Janel Munoa, Buffy Sainte Marie, Keith Secola, Joanne Shenandoah, and Sihasin. Enjoy! 

***Contains bonus material not found in Radio Broadcasts***