Honor the Children

An International Conversation about the Indian Residential Boarding Schools

The recent discovery of 215 remains at the Kamloops Residential School in Canada sparked an international conversation about the enduring horrors of the residential boarding schools. A few weeks later, when an additional 751 children were discovered on a school’s grounds in Saskatoon, it quickly became apparent to non indigenous people what was common knowledge in Indigenous communities all along; that graveyards on “Indian School” grounds was a common sight.  In the U.S., Denise Lajimodiere of the National Native American Boarding School Coalition released a non exhaustive list of 365 such schools that operated in the United States.  In the wake of these findings,  Deb Haaland and the Department of the Interior has announced an investigation into these schools, which has made it abundantly clear that we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface on the horrific legacy and damage these schools have caused. This weeks listening consists of songs written specifically for the children who never came home to their families. 


Indian City- Take Me Home
Willie Dunn- Charlie
A Tribe Called Red- BEFORE
Gord Downie- The Stranger
Sheldon Sundown- Honor the Children
Jayli Wolf- Child of the Government
Burnelvis- Residential School House Blues
Keith Secola- Say Your Name
Lone Cry Singers- Residential School Survivors