StenJoddi aka Punkin Lusty

Greasy Frybread, Greasy Greasy Frybread
After going viral as Punkin Lusty on the Hulu/FX smash hit Reservation Dogs, you might think StenJoddi is an overnight success, but he’s been at it for well over a decade. He’s won a few Native American Music Awards, is an accomplished tattoo artist and most importantly (unlike his TV counterpart) has done it all while being a dedicated and loving husband and father. Our conversation for this weeks episode just might be my most important interview yet.

*extended interview


01 StenJoddi- All I Know Is..
02 StenJoddi- RezDreamz
03 Smoke Dance (ft Bill Crouse) (remix)-     Chief Rock 
04 Collaboration not Appropriation 
05 StenJoddi- Loud and Clear
06 Supaman- Stay Connected
07 Stoik- Behold a Pale Horse
08 Mato- Pleasure
09 StenJoddi- Dreamcatcherz
10 Lil Mike & Funnybone- Beat of the Drun
11 Frank Waln- Hope