This week I welcome my friends from Sunburnt Stone back on to the show. I first got caught up with frontman/songwriter, Andrew “Buzzy” Wilson (Navajo), in January ’22. This time around the bands drummer, Nichole Tsosie (Navajo) also joins us. We’re following along on the bands dystopian storytelling with listening from this Albuquerque bands two albums from 2022, 5th World and XXXX. Throughout the course of our conversations, I think we’ve settled on a new term by which to describe these righteous rock offerings.. The Spaghetti Acid Western.. Tune in to hear our chat and of course, Turn it up and sing along! Enjoy!


01 Sunburnt Stone- Mirage
02 Sunburnt Stone- Gun Smoke
03 Breakwater Band- Waves
04 F Sharp- Omega Occurring 
05 Sunburnt Stone- Falling Me
06 Divide & Dissolve- RVR
07 Xit- I Am Happy About You
08 Sunburnt Stone- House of Dreams
09 Miesha and the Spanks- Dig Me Out