The Brothers Blackbird

Cody and Caleb Blackbird join me to get caught up on their surreal adventures.
Brothers Cody and Caleb Blackbird, (Eastern Band Cherokee, Dakota, Roma) have been making waves in the Native American music scene together since 2014. As a band, they’ve won 5 Native American Music Awards and have shared the stage with everyone from John Trudell and Buffy Sainte Marie to Jewell and Jason Mraz. Among their more recent accolades, in 2021, they released a single with Sage Cornelius and Portugal. The Man (Backup) and Cody also recently became the first Native American Flute player to be featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. After meeting John Popper (Blues Traveler) following a show on Sunday (July 24), Popper gave the ultimate compliment by stating “Someone told me he was the ‘me’ of the native flute..but I may just be the ‘him’ of the harp…” Sounds like a collaboration in the making! Tune in to hear the bands latest singles and our chat as we get caught up on all things Blackbird! Enjoy! 


01 Blackbird- Mountains in the Afternoon 
02 Blackbird- Red Light
03 Digging Roots- Tall Grass
04 Destroykasmin- Skid Row
05 Blackbird- Gold on the Ceiling
06 Cosmically Shauna- Authenticity (ft Liv the Artist)
07 Blue Moon Marquee- Scream, Holler & Howl
08 Portugal. The Man- What, Me Worry? 
09 Blackbird- Backup (ft Portugal. The Man & Sage Cornelius)
10 iiwaa- Appetite 
11 Askew & Tom Wilson- Blue Moon Drive