The Tewas a Flying Squirrel

Contrary to popular belief, his name doesn't have anything to do with Tewa Pueblo
David Adrian Nunez Brenes, Cherokee and Purhepecha, grew up in various places throughout Southern California. Because of his family’s frequent moves he found it difficult to make friends, and so like many others, he turned to music. Since recording as The Tewa (Cherokee for flying squirrel), he’s become a staple in the underground music scene, both in So Cal and Albuquerque, NM. He frequently collaborates with Mato Wayuhi (music director) on Reservation Dogs and they’re currently gearing up to score an upcoming Major Motion Picture release. D.A. joins me this week to discuss all of this and his latest album, Under the Moonlight. Enjoy!


01 The Tewa- Under the Moonlight
02 The Tewa- Make You Mine
03 Ailani- Starry Eyed
04 Side Montero- Indio
05 The Tewa- Tewa the Type Foo
06 Elemantra- Feel It Float
07 Nehiyawak- Copper
08 Mozart Gabriel- Hold Back
09 The Tewa- Take Things Slow Wit Me
10 Mato- Pity
11 Silver Jackson- Perfect Mistake (Ft Iska Dhaaf)