They are The Halluci Nation

Their story is the stuff of legends. 15 years in, they're far from over.
What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Innovative..Groundbreaking.. Revolutionary
As they enter a new cycle, Bear Witness (Ehren Thomas, Cayuga) and Tim “2oolman” Hill (Mohawk) of A Tribe Called Red have reintroduced themselves as The Halluci Nation, to reflect the evolution of their music and mission. The Halluci Nation, takes its name from a phrase coined by John Trudell, to describe the vast global community of people who remember at their core what it means to be human. As a visionary artist and activist, Trudell recognized the connection between his accomplishments and what ATCR did intuitively through music and art. Bear And 2oolman join me on Gaënö’ this week to reflect on their 15 year career, their latest album One More Saturday Night and tease their next upcoming project. Enjoy! 


01 The Halluci Nation- When We Fly (Ft Jen Kreisberg)
02 The Halluci Nation- Takarita (Ft Rob Ruha)
03 PJ Vegas- Pesos
04 Lido Pimienta- Resisto y Ya
05 The Halluci Nation- Collaboration Not Appropriation
06 Neon Nativez- Trust Fall (Ft Irv Wauneka & Annette Bilagody)
07 Johnny Cash- Drums
08 A Tribe Called Red- We Are the Halluci Nation (Ft John Trudell & Northern Voice)
09 Once a Tree- What You Say
10 STOiK- Werewolf (Ft Aleah Belle)