Doug Bedard, Ojibwe/Cree, has been recording as Plex for the last 3 decades. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, he’s established himself as one of the OG’s of Indigenous Hip Hop. His newest release, Who Am I to Judge?, is Plex’s return to the mic after a 10 year hiatus. Of the album he’s said, “The album speaks directly about my struggles with drugs and alcohol, the evolution of hip-hop, cultural appropriation, and the state of the planet — all while pondering what it may take to fix it.” Red Flags, his latest single, addresses the pretendian phenomenon and just last week went to #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown. This week on Gaënö’ Plex joins me to discuss the album and so much more. Enjoy!


01 Plex- Suspect (ft Drezus)
02 Plex- Great Ones (E’s Up) ft Kryple- 
03 War Party- You Better Ask Yourself
04 Sten Joddi- Dream Catcherz
05 Plex- Red Flags- ft Aleah Belle
06 Redcloud- Tapatio (ft Pigeon John)
07 Curtis Clearsky- Turtle Island (ft Murray Porter)
08 Plex- Lost in the Cycle (ft Rex Smallboy)
09 Stoik ft Jahkota, Plex & Drezus- Behold a Pale Horse
10 Def-i ft. Tanaya Winder- Scatterlight