Chantil Dukarts Lady and the Champ

Chantil Dukart, Eagle Clan- Tsimshian & Aluutiq, has been writing music since the age of 7. She was born in Denver, raised in Alaska and went to school in Miami. Her style perfectly reflects the eclectic nature of her upbringing. Combining elements of jazz, R&B, funk and Motown, Dukart knows how to captivate an audience with her sultry voice and smooth stylings. This week she joins me to discuss her latest album, Lady & the Champ, what it means to be both a lady and a champ and her upcoming collaborations with the Julia Keefe Indigenous Big Band. Enjoy!


01- Chantil Dukart- Situation
02- Chantil Dukart- Understated
03- DDAT- The Move
04- Hataali- Lover Call
05- Chantil Dukart- Save Me From Myself
06- Mali O’Bomsawin- Wawasint8da
07- Morgan Toney- First Flight
08- Chantil Dukart- Chickenz
09- Julia Keefe- There’s a Small Hotel