Brock Stonefish- (Lenape, Oneida, Chippewa) has been North America for the last 20 years as a performing singer/songwriter and Blues/jazz guitarist. He’s opened for BB King and has shared the bill with the likes of Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Barenaked Ladies. He tours regularly with film legend Gary Farmer. As a result of their close friendship, Farmer has produced Brock’s debut studio album, Turtle Island (https://www.gaenomusic.fm/episodes/gary-farmers-a-troublemaker).  In addition to his work as a musician, he’s a master guitar builder that has started the Indigenous Youth Guitar Giveaway. Brock knows the healing power of music and has dedicated considerable time and resources giving back to youth from Indigenous communities across North America (https://www.brockstonefish.com/indigenous-youth-guitar-giveaway-series). Tune in to hear our chat about all of this and so much more. Enjoy!


01 Brock Stonefish- Talking Tree
02 Janel Munoa- Glowing Flowers
03 Gary Farmer & the Troublemakers- Stripped Me Naked
04 Brock Stonefish- Residential Redemption
05 DDAT- Losing My Mind
06 Pappy Johns Band- Be There When I Need You
07 Brock Stonefish- Mom’s Jingle Dress
08 Beatrice Deer- You’re With Me
09 PJ Vegas- NSOM Outro